Hello from Rockland County, New York

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Hello from Rockland County, New York

Postby unbeatablebonz » 28 Jul 2016, 15:46

Hi all,

My name is Mike and I reside in Rockland County, NY. I'm relatively new to Jellyfish keeping but have been a Reef enthusiast for many years. I purchased a small Nano as part of a kickstarter campaign and really enjoy it. As a "hobby" I work with private schools that have a special needs programs. I'd like to place a Cubic 80 - 160 in each school for therapeutic and educational purposes. Allowing my kids to experience the entire process from hatching the brine, preparing the water, checking parameters, and simply enjoying the hobby is the goal. We also keep a few types of animals. Ball Pythons, bird (finches - Macaws) , and Betta's. I am self funded and work with a dozen or so private schools. I look forward to learning from this group.


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