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Postby skypimp3 » 20 Sep 2015, 09:01


Advice needed , i set up an orbit 20 and let it run for about 3 weeks, got my moon jelly fish , these were all pulsing nicely when i received them, floated the bags in the tank for an hr before releasing them and all seemed ok . 24 hrs later and they are all limp and not pulsing, was advised to feed them so i did but nothing . the water is circulating around the tank and they are just hanging in the center all life less , 3 still in a bell shape but 2 are looking a bit saggy, i have checked the salinity 1.024 - 1.025 . temperature 20c

Any advice please

little video above of my moon jellyfish
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Re: NO MOVEMENT / help

Postby Cubic » 23 Sep 2015, 11:47

Hi Skypimp

Sorry for the slow reply. We cant see that video, its set to private. How are the jellies doing now?
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