My jellies where delivered late, how can i save them ?

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My jellies where delivered late, how can i save them ?

Postby lilo_ds » 11 Dec 2015, 08:56

Hello i'm writing to ask you some advice, my jellies were supposed to arrive yesterday by ups but they did not deliver it due to a problem in the shipping adress.

The jellies might have been stocked at very low temperature (winter time in switzerland) and they will arrive this afternoon, if they are not dead what can I do to make them have the best conditions to survive? I'm very concerned about the survival of those por jellies....
Should i feed them ? how much ? (there are 4 aurelias)
What about salinity ? Temperature ?
(they come from asia and are aclimated in england)
any other advice ?

Please help me.
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Re: My jellies where delivered late, how can i save them ?

Postby Cubic » 16 Dec 2015, 06:37

Sorry for getting back to you so late! How did your jellies do? Moons can survive for 2-3 days in their shipping bags if packed well and kept cool.

When they arrive (although I guess they have already) its important to acclimatise them slowly, over the course of a few hours to make sure the salinity, temperature and pH are the same in the bags as the aquarium. Then just let them in.

There is no need to feed the jellyfish immediately. Their feeding tentacles may not even extend for a day or two after they have been introduced to the aquarium so any food added in this period can go to waste and pollute the water. Wait until you see the jellies have settled in and they feeding tentacles have extended before feeding and feed vary sparingly. If you aren't feeding your jellies enough they will slowly shrink over a period of weeks and we can simply increase their food. If you overfeed then it can pollute the water leading to an ammonia spike which can kill the jellyfish.
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