Pre"made" baby brine shrimp

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Pre"made" baby brine shrimp

Postby 7racer » 20 Dec 2013, 04:49


I was wondering if I could use this product to make it easier to feed the jellies. These are hatched baby brine shrimp.
I want to just poor this into the tank but not sure that since it's packaged in "saltwater algae" that it would be safe to add straight to the tank.

http://stores.aquaculturenurseryfarms.c ... Detail.bok
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Re: Pre"made" baby brine shrimp

Postby Cubic » 20 Dec 2013, 10:25

That looks like a very handy product! The algae in the water will put a bit of extra stress on your filtration system so it would be best if your could pour the mixture through a fine mesh which will catch all the artemia but allow the liquid to drain away. The mesh should be 100-200 micron so you can use an aquarium filter stock or even possibly a pair of old stockings :thumbup:
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