Best & Easiest Food for Moon Jellyfish?

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Best & Easiest Food for Moon Jellyfish?

Postby duganderson » 20 Sep 2018, 22:07

I just got a great deal on a new nano tank. I will be getting three moon jellies from them in a few weeks. My priority is the least time consuming way to have success keeping them alive. I'm willing to pay a litte more if it saves a lot of time.

What is the best easy food to feed? Any tips for how long to let them eat this food before cleaning out OR can I just leave it in the tank?

Any thoughts about PJ Reefs magnetic feeder? You put unhatched brine eggs with magnetized shells in tiny compainer in a tank with a magnet. They hatch in the tank and the magnetized shells stay in the tiny container. My questions about this....
1. Is it better to feed freshly hatched brine for a short amount of time (I've heard 20 minutes) and then clean out the uneaten bring OR is it OK to have extra brine swimming around to be eaten in the next day or so?
2. Would you be worried about bacteria on the magnetized shells getting in the tank? I could rinse the shells when they have been placed on the magnet in the hatchery before putting them in the shell. If I rinsed the shells, what would I want to rinese them in and for how long?

Any other feeding thoughts, links, tips, etc. very appreciated!

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